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Gone are the days of just a few companies having quality uprights with just a few models from which to choose.  These days there are many companies and many models and so it’s much more difficult to know which model is best for you.  This article takes a look at the newest Shark models, the Rotator Series to help you find your best Shark vacuum.
Shark Rotator SeriesShark by Euro-Pro are known in the industry for their quality construction and durability.


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They are also known for their capability to handle the toughest cleaning situations and locations.  Shark has two main series of uprights including Shark Navigator and Shark Rotator.  Shark Navigator is the original line with Complete Seal, Never Loses Suction, and Lift-Away Technologies.

Shark Rotator is Shark’s newest premium upright line enhanced with swivel steering, headlights, ergonomic design, and Complete Seal Technology.  I am only going to look at the Rotator line because it is the next generation of Shark vacuum.

Rotator Features and Specifications

All Shark Rotators share some features and specifications in common:

Shark Vacuum Never Loses Suction Technology

Since this technology was introduced many manufacturers have sought similar technology due to its effectiveness.  SharkShark Cyclonic Technology Rotator models use advanced cyclonic technology that separates fine dirt from the air, preventing dirt from clogging the filters and keeping suction power strong over time.  In combination with an extra large dust cup, you will find that Shark Rotators will keep producing powerful suction throughout your home.

Cleaning Control

Shark Rotator Brushroll ShutoffRotator models come with a brushroll indicator and control that allows you to switch quickly and easily between deep carpet and bare floor cleaning.  In addition you have complete control over suction with the built-in variable suction control.  A comfortable rubberized handle reduces slipping and gives you better control over vacuuming.

Breathe Cleaner AirShark Rotator HEPA Filter System

Rotator models use a completely sealed HEPA filter system and additional fine filtration to capture and hold over 99.9% of dust and allergens inside the machine.  This prevents these contaminants from getting back into the air your family breathes.

Swivel Steering

A swivel head on the Rotator series makes these models extremely maneuverable, easier to use, and reduces fatigues.  Swivel steering allows you to clean in, around, Shark Rotator Pivoting Headand under the obstacles in your home quickly and effectively.

Lift-away Canister

A great feature of all Shark uprights is its portable canister that allows you to leave the bulk of the main machine behind while you easily clean stairs, upholstery or other hard to reach areas around your home.

Shark Lift Away

Extra Long Cleaning Reach

Add a long stretch hose to a 30 foot power cord and you get exceptional cleaning reach.  Rotator models help you make quick work of your large spaces and provide flexibility in where you plug-in.


Cleaner Carpets

Shark Agitating BrushrollThe combination of the Rotator line’s strong, motorized rotating brush and high-powered suction cleans deep into carpets and cleans more effectively on all floor surfaces.  From bare floors to deep pile carpeting, you will see the difference this powerful combination makes on your toughest cleaning challenges .

Ultra Quiet

The Rotator line produces vigorous agitation from its beater bar and strong suction from its powerful motor while providing the convenience of quiet operation.  This allows you to clean where you want and when you want without the disruptions of a noisy machine.


Bright lights on the front of the unit allow you to see into dark areas insuring a complete andShark Vacuum Headlights thorough cleaning of all areas of your home.

Premium Pet Tools

Have pets?  Rotators have the tools to quickly and easily lift pet hair, dust, dander, and ground-in dirt from carpeted floors, stairs, and upholstery.

Lifetime Belt and Filters

A heavy-duty belt and washable filters will keep the Rotator line operating for years without extra supplies or maintenance required.

Optional Caddy Accessory

The Rotator line has an available optional caddy accessory upgrade which keeps your cleaning tools close so that you can switch between cleaning tasks quickly and efficiently.

Which Shark Rotator Is Right For You?

Each Shark Rotator has individual features that separates it from the other models.  Here is my suggestion for how to compare:

Shark Rotator Professional

If you’re looking for a unit with the Rotator features, including lift-away, in an ultra-lightweight  package, and are willing to sacrifice some power, then the Shark Rotator Professional is for you.

Shark Rotator with XL Reach

If you need an extra long hose, larger dust bin, extra power, and a larger capacity and don’t need the lift-away feature, choose the Shark Rotator Professional with XL Reach.

Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away

If you like the lift-away feature, want to maintain the power but without the extra long hose, and in a lighter weight model choose the Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away.


Shark Rotator Vac or Steam

If you want the additional flexibility of chemical-free steam to sanitize bare floors with changeable heads to clean carpets or steam choose the Shark Rotator Vac or Steam.

Shark Vacuum Comparison Chart

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As always, thanks for reading!  I hope you found this article useful as you decide which Shark Rotator model is right for you.  Whichever Shark vacuum you choose should be a good performer!

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