The hottest portable vacuum category is definitely the floor-to-ceiling handheld vacuums.  They do it all.  A floor-to-ceiling portable vacuum can do carpets, hard floor surfaces, upholstery, drapes, and even corners and crevices near the ceiling.

Modern technology has turned each portable vacuum into a powerful cleaning machine.  They are also lightweight vacuums in handheld form.  You only need one handheld vacuum cleaner to handle the work of three without the weight of three vacuum cleaners anymore.

Add to that “never loses suction” capability and you may have Portable Vacuum Shark Rocket Vacuum HV301 Lady Holding Viewthe perfect cleaning machine.  That’s not the only feature a new floor-to-ceiling upright vacuum has.  These upright vacuums are also bagless vacuum cleaners with no vacuum bags to deal with and most models come with great attachment tools for crevices, bare floors, deep-pile carpeting, multi-speed brush rolls, and even swivel steering.  Their power and attachments make these portables great pet vacuum cleaners and as bagless vacuums, they can’t be beat.


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Probably the only thing that could make these models better, is if they were cordless.  Right now technology has not caught up enough to provide a cordless vacuum with the kind of power you want for as long as you need from battery power.  That’s a benefit of cordless vacuum cleaners and a drawback for corded models not many people seem to care about, because these corded hand held carpet cleaners are wildly popular due to their power and flexibility.  Importantly, you don’t have to drag around one of the canister vacuums.

Only one portable floor-to-ceiling handheld vacuum appears to be popular and top rated.  It’s the Shark Rocket Vacuum Model HV301.

See if this corded, handheld, versatile, and effective vacuum is the best vacuum cleaner for your needs!


Portable Vacuum: Top Rated Floor to Ceiling Vacuum

Shark HV301 Rocket Vacuum

Portable Vacuum Shark Rocket Vacuum HV301 Full ViewWith Never Loses Suction and Never Loses Power technology, the powerful Shark Rocket Vacuum HV301 cleans nearly all surfaces from floor to ceiling without breaking a sweat.  This hand vacuum by Shark can clean hard surface floors, deep clean carpets, stairs, upholstery, under furniture, and high above floor near the ceiling.  Its unique swivel steering design allows you to easily navigate your home obstacles while providing a deep clean you can only get with great suction and corded power.  Here are some of this floor-to-ceiling vacuum’s most popular features.


  • Never Loses Suction and Never Loses Power (500 watts) technology provides powerful floor-to-ceiling cleaning from the start until the dust cup is full
  • Brushroll has two settings to handle both removing deeply embedded dirt from carpets, gently cleaning bare floors while not throwing dirt everywhere, and cleaning delicate area rugs without eating them
  • Vacuum’s self-propelled design makes it easier to maneuver and less tiring to use
  • Bagless design features and easy-to-empty, transparent dust cup that empties through the bottom at the pushPortable Vacuum Shark Rocket Vacuum HV301 Vacuuming Carpet View of a button
  • Complete flexibility to clean everything from floor to ceiling including carpets, bare floors, upholstery, above floor near the ceiling, and you can even use it as a car vacuum
  • Lightweight design gives you excellent cleaning capability without all the weight of traditional upright vacuums and stores away easily on the wall
  • Unique design swivel steering gives you the control you need to navigate around home obstacles like furniture
  • Slim-design, quick-release wand gives you the reach to clean high above floors and is thin enough to fit into tight spaces and under furniture
  • The built-in handheld vacuum makes quick work of stairs, furniture upholstery, and even car interiors
  • This model comes with a very long 30-foot power cord that makes getting the whole stairway or cleaning large rooms from one power outlet possible

Portable Vacuum Shark Rocket Vacuum HV301 Hanging ViewAccessory Tools

  • 1 – 12-inch crevice tool
  • 1 – Wide pet upholstery tool
  • 1 – Dusting brush,
  • 1 – Dust Away attachment kit including microfiber pad
  • 1 – Accessories bag
  • 1 – Wall mount


  • Very powerful
  • Works great on stairs, tile, and carpet
  • Transform to a handheld vacuum
  • Less expensive than Dyson vacuum


  • Dust cup not removable and small
  • Corded design is powerful but not as convenient
  • Doesn’t stand up on its own
  • Brush roll does not turn off

Portable Vacuum Shark Rocket Vacuum HV301 Review

Portable Vacuum Comparison Chart

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