You’re shopping around for an upright, bagless and you want to get a lot of nice features, but you don’t want to spend too much money.  There’s good news for you!  There is a Hoover vacuum that is a great value with plenty of features you will love.


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For more than 100 years, Hoover® has designed powerful, easy-to-use products that clean your entire home from floor to ceiling, and even the very air you breathe.

They are one of the most trusted brands in America.  Hoover is part of TTI Floor Care North America, headquartered in Glenwillow, Ohio.

As a leader in the floor-care industry, Hoover manufactures quality, high-performance cleaners for the home including the Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Rewind Plus Bagless, Upright.

Hoover Vacuum: Top Vacuum Cleaner Value

WindTunnel T-Series Rewind Plus Bagless Upright, UH70120

Hoover Windtunnel T-Series UH70120It has been around for awhile now, but Windtunnel T-Series Rewind Plus still offers many features of Hoover’s newer lines without the newer, higher prices.  Those great features and low price have made it one of the most popular models from Hoover and it’s easy to see why.  There are many other bagless uprights on the market, but how many can match the price and carry the Hoover name?  Just check out all these great features:


  • The Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Rewind Plus Bagless Upright uses Hoover’s famous WindTunnel multi-cyclonic cleaning core and patented multi-channel WindTunnel at the floor to give dirt a one-two punch that it cannot withstand.
  • A 13 ½ inch wide nozzle make quick work of large carpeted areas of your home.


  • This is a compact (12 x 16 x 44 inches) and lightweight (only 16.5 lbs.) cleaner that you canHoover Windtunnel T-Series UH70120 Rewind Cord move easily around your home.
  • A long 27 foot, pedal-activated, retractable power cord makes it easy to find an outlet and to clean large areas without replugging.  When you’re finished, the cord automatically retracts into the unit for easy storage. Stop dealing with the pain, discomfort and aggravation of rewrapping the cord when this model can take care of that for you!
  • A convenient cord clip keeps the cord out of your way while vacuuming.
  • The powered hand tool makes cleaning upholstery and stairs a breeze.
  • With an 8 foot stretch hose and a variety of extendable attachments this Hoover cleans wherever you need it.
  • A comfort-grip handle reduces fatigue
  • Intuitive fingertip controls put you in control of this powerful unit.

Hoover Windtunnel T-Series UH70120 Carpet HardwoodDurability

  • A no-scuff bumper protects your furniture and the machine from damage.
  • You don’t have to spend a lot of extra money on bags or filters.  This model is bagless and features reusable, rinse-clean filters which you simply run under your faucet and replace.
  • Hoover offers a 2-Year limited warranty on this model.




  • A manual five-position height adjustment allows you to effectively vacuum many different carpet and floor types.
  • A removable, powered hand tool takes care of manyof your above floor cleaning needs.


  • A permanent HEPA filter removes allergens from the air and leaves your home’s air cleaner than traditional models.Hoover Windtunnel T-Series UH70120 Extension Wand
  • A system-check indicator lets you know when the filter needs to be cleaned.


The Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Rewind comes with:

  • A 12 inch extension wand
  • A crevice tool for between couch cushions corners, and baseboards
  • An upholstery/dusting brush for draperies, furniture, lampshades, and vents.
  • A powered hand tool for stairs.

Hoover Windtunnel T-Series UH70120 Crevice ToolPros

  • For how much power it has, it is actually very quiet – quieter than our old 10 amp model.
  • Turns on a dime and gets into nooks and crannies really well – we don’t have to use the hand tools on every single wall edge.
  • The attachment with moving brushes cleans stares amazingly well.


* While it is comparatively lightweight, people that have a hard time lifting may find it a little heavy.
* Pet hair can get stuck in the canister




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