Handheld Vacuums: Hottest Cordless Handheld 2016

It’s been awhile since a vacuum cleaner manufacturer has introduced a new handheld cordless vacuum that catches everyone’s attention.Gtech Handheld Vacuums Multi Cordless Full View  Dyson Vacuum Cleaners introduced their cordless handheld vacuums awhile back and their designs were truly innovative and eye-opening.  The problem with any Dyson vacuum is it’s price.  They are very expensive vacuums.

Since then, Black & Decker, Dirt Devil, Hoover, and Bissell have introduced new models, but mostly they have been improvements to existing designs and not revolutionary.  There is no doubt that the Black & Decker Dustbuster is the leader in cordless handheld vacuums, but this new design from Gtech is likely to give them pause.

Then along came Gtech, a British company that is selling their handheld vacuum cleaner designs like gangbusters in Europe and around the world.  Their handheld vacuums are truly innovative in both design and functionality and although they’ve sold over 22 million products worldwide, Gtech is only recently introducing their vacuums to the U.S.

We wanted to take a look at this new hand vacuum and see what all the buzz is about.  They only sell two models; AirRam upright vacuums and the Multi handheld bagless vacuums.  They don’t manufacture any canister vacuums.  Our focus in this article is the Multi cordless handheld vacuum.

Gtech Handheld Vacuums Multi Cordless Woman Holding ViewThe first thing that strikes you when you see the Gtech Multi for the first time is its design.  It is definitely modern looking and rivals Dyson in its lines and form.  It comes with several attachments, but the amazing thing is that they are all stowed right inside the body of the vacuum.

You can use it with like a standard handheld or extend its 14-inch built-in hose to reach tight, above-floor areas that are more difficult to reach with a standard handheld.  Carry it easily to your car and use it as a car vacuum to reach all the nooks and crannies in the interior.

How many times have you wanted to vacuum in a dimly lit corner of your house and wished the light would reach there so you could see what you’re vacuuming?  The Gtech Multi takes care of that using built-in lights to illuminate where you vacuum.

Battery life has always been a problem for cordless handheld vacuums.  Their short vacuuming time definitely has made many lean towards a corded model.  Also, many cordless models don’t produce the kind of vacuuming power that’s needed to properly clean carpet and upholstery.

Gtech’s answer was to put in a powerful 22V lithium-ion battery with a full 30 minutes of battery life before it needs recharging.  Beyond that, the battery completely charges in about 4 hours so you’re ready to go again quickly.  The Multi also features a burst of additional runtime after just an hour of charging.


The 22V battery generates 100 watts of power and a very high airflow.  Powerful enough even for tough pet hair that other vacuums can’t clean.  Not only does it look good, it has the cleaning power to back it up.

If you haven’t yet looked at the Gtech Multi, we think you need to add it to your cordless handheld vacuum short list!  Is it the best vacuum cleaner?  Read on to see if it has the features you need.

Handheld Vacuums: Hottest Cordless Handheld

Gtech Handheld Vacuums Multi Cordless Main ViewIt isn’t often that we get to review a new and exciting vacuum cleaner in our vacuum cleaner reviews.  After all, vacuum cleaners, particularly handhelds are pretty mundane.  Thanks to Gtech, the handheld vacuum may be changed forever.  It combines great functionality, powerful suction, and long battery life into a stylish package that leaves most handheld vacuums looking very dated in comparison.  Gtech has put a lot of thought and features into this new vacuum.


  • Modern styling gives Dyson a run for its money
  • Powerful 100W motor is driven by a state-of-the-art Li-Ion 22V battery
  • Long runtimes of 30 minutes or more are possible
  • 14-inch extension tube plus concealed flexible hose give you plenty of reach to clean most above-floor areasGtech Handheld Vacuums Multi Cordless Woman Cleaning Baseboards View
  • Onboard microprocessor alerts you when the lifetime washable filter needs cleaning
  • A 4-stage LED charge indicator prevents surprises
  • Battery completely recharges in about 4 hours
  • 2-Year warranty
  • Compact and lightweight, the Gtech Multi weighs in at only 3.5 lbs.
  • All of the great attachments are easily stowed inside the body of the Multi

Attachments include:

  • 1 – Upholstery brush
  • 1 – Dusting brush
  • 1 – Extendable hose
  • 1 – LED lights
  • 1 – Extension tube

Download User Manual Here >>>


Handheld Vacuums Comparison Chart

TitleBlack & Decker CHV1510 Dustbuster 15.6-Volt Cordless Cyclonic Hand VacuumBlack and Decker CHV1410L 14.4-Volt Lithium Ion Dust BusterBlack & Decker Platinum BDH2000L 20-Volt Max Lithium Ion Cordless Hand VacuumHoover Platinum LINX Pet Cordless Hand Vacuum, BH50030Shark Pet Perfect II Hand VacGtech Multi High-power Cordless Handheld Vacuum
FeatureRotating, slim nozzle targets dirt in tight spaces
50% more reach than the previous Dustbuster design for less bending and better accessibility
Brush and crevice tool accessories are located on-board so there are no loose items to misplace
Wide mouth design means this vac can effortlessly scoop up large debris
Cyclonic action spins dust and debris away from the filter so suction power stays strong
To ensure full run time, charge the unit for 24 hours.
Smart charge technology uses up 50-percent less energy
Rotating, slim nozzle targets dirt in tight spaces
50-percent more reach than the previous dustbuster design for less bending and better accessibility
Brush and crevice tool accessories are located on-board so there are no loose items to misplace
Lithium Integral Batteries
Constant Voltage
No Memory Effect
Rotating Slim Nozzle With Built In Crevice Tool And Brush
Cyclonic Action, Washable Filter
Removes stubborn pet hair* with the freedom of no cord. *Per ASTM F2609.
Features a Lithium-Ion interchangeable battery that provides fade free power.
25 degree pivot design nozzle offers easy maneuverability.
Pet Upholstery Tool that offers a three blade design for pet hair pick-up.
Ability to clean delicate surfaces with the Deluxe Dusting Brush.
Most powerful 18 volt cordless hand vacuum available!
Twister cyclonic technology to maintain strong suction
Rechargeable 18 volt battery with LED charging indicator and deluxe wall mountable chargiing stand with convenient tool storage
Four cleaning options! Direct suction, XL motorized pet hair brush, dusting brush, and crevice tool for hard to reach areas
Easy-to-empty bagless dustcup ? no replacement bags to buy
Up to 30 minutes of run time in between charges.
Versatile and light weight, only 3.5 lbs.
Cordless 22V motor powered by professional grade Li-ion battery.
LED power gauge so you know when to charge.
Onboard attachments that offer 12 different cleaning combinations.
Height5.5 inch5.44 inch8.13 inch10 inch7.6 inch9.5 inch
Weight1 pound0 pound4.41 pound3.52 pound
Width14.3 inch8.06 inch5.56 inch6.38 inch18.11 inch4.75 inch
Length8 inch14 inch14.5 inch19.25 inch9.13 inch15 inch
Warranty2 Year Warranty2 year limited warranty3 Year Limited Warranty6 year limited warranty on vacuum, 2 year limited warranty on charger and batteryEuro-Pro One Year (1) Limited Warranty2 Year Warranty from the date of purchase. Lithium-ion battery along with all other components are covered.
Rating0 out of 5 stars0 out of 5 stars0 out of 5 stars0 out of 5 stars0 out of 5 stars0 out of 5 stars
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