At Dyson, it’s all about design and technological innovation.  For the last 20 years they have introduced model after model that have each turned the vacuum world on its head.  As part of our Dyson Vacuum Reviews series, we decided to take a look at what we consider to be one of the best models ever built and the best Dyson vacuum; the Dyson DC41 Animal Complete.  Take a look and see if this is the perfect model for you.

Dyson Vacuum Reviews: Best Dyson Vacuum

Dyson DC41 Animal Complete Upright

Dyson DC41 Animal Complete Full ViewThe Dyson DC41 Animal Complete is much more than just a great machine for pet owners.  Named Animal for its pet hair and dirt cleaning capability, it also has a tangle-free Turbine Tool, and very powerful suction.  Its enhanced airflow, Radial Root Cyclone technology, and self-adjusting head provide a deeper clean on carpets than ever before.  Take a look at all of its advanced features.


  • The original no-loss-of-suction cleaner, Dyson uses powerful centrifugal forces many times the force of gravity to propel dust, dirt, and pet hair out of the airflow and directly into the bin.
  • The airflow of the Dyson DC41 Animal has been revolutionized using Radial Root Cyclone technology to improve airflow efficiency, reduce turbulence, and maintain air pressure to maximize its deep-cleaning suction power.
  • The active base plate cleaner head of the DC41 adjusts automatically to provide the strongest suction at the cleaner head on carpet and hard floor surfaces.
  • On hard-floor surfaces, the DC41’s active base plate lowers to seal against the surface while lifting its brush bar lifts away from the floor to protect your delicate floors.
  • The DC41 lifts its base plate and lowers the brush bar automatically to achieve the optimum carpet deep clean, removing even ground-in dirt and pet hair.
  • The remodeled airflows inside the Dyson DC41 Animal allows the Radial Root Cyclone technology to capture more dirt than other conventional cyclone models.
  • The Tangle-Free Turbine Tool Head will remove even stubborn pet hair and dirt from hard to reach places, upholstery, stairs, and your car.  With no brush bar for hair to wrap around, its counter-rotating brush heads release more hair directly into the bin.


  • Experience the smooth turns and maneuverability of the DC41’s patented ball technology as you navigate around all of your home obstacles.  The ball actually houses the DC41’s motor and other key technology making it easier to clean closer to edges.
  • The DC41’s floating cleaner head means no complicated dials to adjust and no bending over to make adjustments.
  • Reach higher places with the DC41 Animal Complete’s instant-release, long-reach wand that stretches up to 5 times in length.
  • The DC41’s clear dust bin lets you see when it needs emptying and empties easily with the push of a button to keep you away from dirt and hair.


  • The DC41 has been crafted from lightweight and durable-engineered materials that were selected for their strength and long life.

HealthDyson Vacuum Reviews DC41 Animal Complete Side View

  • The DC41 Animal Complete captures microscopic particles down to 0.5 microns including pollen, mold, and bacteria, and actually expels cleaner, more allergen-free air.

Save Money

  • You will have to pay no additional costs for bags or filters with the DC41.


  • 1 – Wand
  • 1 – Tangle-Free Turbine Tool
  • 1 – Zorb Powder
  • 1 – Stiff bristle brush
  • 1 – Multi-angle brush
  • 1 – Combination accessory tool (debris/dusting)
  • 1 – Stair tool
  • 1- Hanging tool bag


  • Dyson provides a 5-year parts and labor warranty on the DC-41 Animal Complete.


  • Works great on all surfaces
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Great for pet hair
  • Powerful suction


  • Assembly required
  • Hose with attachments clumsy to use
  • Confusing power and canister release switches
  • Picture-only instructions




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