You’re looking for a dust pan.  Probably you’re looking for something standard like the Rubbermaid FG6C0100 Comfort Grip Duster and Dustpan Set, which is one of the most popular whisk broom and dustpan sets available.  But, did you know that there is something new that finally takes the dust pan into the 21st Century?

It’s an electric dust pan!  That’s right an electric dust pan.  What is an electric dustpan?  It’s probably one of the best cleaning tools you’ve never heard of!  It is to dust and debris what a garbage compactor is to trash.  Designed for hard surface floors, you place the vacuum, about the size of a small garbage can, in any room with a hard surface floor.  Then you turn it on.  Sweep your floor like you normally would but, instead of grabbing a dust pan to finish the cleanup, you just use your push broom to sweep the dirt over towards the stationary vacuum.  When you’re close enough, it turns on automatically and sucks up the dirt like aDust Pan EVPRO-W Eye-Vac Stationary Vacuum Room View regular vacuum cleaner.  Done and done!  No bending over, no retrieving a dirty dust pan and then putting it away, and no dust pans accidents on the way to the trash.  Also, no need for a swiffer sweeper.  You’ll just need to have some brooms or at least one broom.


Portable vacuums mean no dust pan!  Be sure and see our articles about some of the best portable vacuum cleaners:


The electric dust pan will hold quite a bit of dirt in its bagless container so that you don’t have to put it into a garbage can.  Then, when it’s full, just dump the container into your garbage.  It really couldn’t be any simpler.

There aren’t a lot of stationary vacuums to choose from, but one of the best is the EVPRO-W Eye-Vac.  This article takes a look at the Eye-Vac stationary vacuum, its features and specifications.


Take a look and see if this isn’t the perfect modern dust pan for your needs!

Dust Pan: CrowleyJones EVPRO-W Eye-Vac Professional Vacuum Cleaner, Designer White

CrowleyJones EVPRO-W Eye-Vac Stationary Vacuum Front ViewWhen it comes to stationary vacuums or electric dust pans, the CrowleyJones EVPRO-W Eye-Vac is one of the most popular with hair salons and the beauty supply industry.  The reason is if you sweep a lot, the grind of bending over and over many times a day takes its toll on knees and back.  Even if you don’t sweep a lot, but have mobility problems, back problems, or knee problems, a tool like the EVPRO-W Eye-Vac will allow you to sweep while removing the burden of bending down to use a regular dust pan.  This CrowleyJones back-saver is for anyone with kids, pets, mobility concerns, or has a space that requires frequent sweeping.   Take a look at its great features.

Electric Dust Pan Features

  • Fast and powerful 1400W vacuum easily sucks away dust, hair, crumbs, and debris instantly
  • Two-mode (Automatic and Manual) Eye-Vac Infrared sensors at the base sense the broom and cause the vacuum to begin sucking up the dirt and debris automatically or at the touch of a button
  • Vacuum turns off automatically when all the debris has been vacuumed into the bagless canisterDust Pan CrowleyJones EVPRO-W Eye-Vac Stationary Vacuum Room View
  • Bagless canister (6.2L) holds plenty of dirt, hair, crumbs, and debris
  • Cyclonic vacuum action with dual (HEPA) filtration keeps the air clean while you clean your floor
  • Handy red status indicator light illuminates when the debris canister is full
    Near-zero maintenance design uses bagless canister and lifetime, reusable, washable filters

Eye-Vac measures 13W x 7.5D x 20.5H inches


  • Real back-saver
  • Great for homes with children or pets
  • Powerful suction
  • Large canister goes a long time between emptying


  • Noisy
  • Pricey for the home
  • Some reports that the auto function isn’t sensitive enough
  • Some reports that filter can’t handle a lot of pet hair

Dust Pan Eye Vac EVPRO Touchless Stationary Vacuum Review

As always, thanks for reading our article!  We sincerely hope it has provided you with valuable information about this new electric, back-saving, dust pan technology!

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