A dog dryer is a must-have grooming tool for all types of dogs.  Without using a dog dryer your dog’s wet coat will immediately pickup more dirt when it runs and plays.  Wet coats not dried immediately will often harbor musty or moldy smells or cause an itchy skin condition known as Pruritis.

Dog Dryer: PD01-Y Adjustable Heat Intro ViewUsing a dog dryer instead of air drying will make your dog’s coat look its best.  By choosing a professional-quality pet hair dryer you are insuring your dogs will look their best and their coat will be the healthiest.

What should you look for in a quality dog dryer?

No Heat/Low Heat

It is unsafe to dry your dog’s hair with your personal hair dryer.  It delivers hot air that is unsafe for your dog.  Dog hair dryers uses forced air to lift and move hair around and push water out of the hair drying it while leaving sensitive skin, undercoat, and hair unharmed.

For cold weather drying, some models generate minimum heat to keep your dog more comfortable during drying.


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Air Velocity

A dog hair dryer needs a powerful airflow to push water out of the hair.  Air velocity can be measured in meters/sec or M/S and is a specification you can use to compare dryers.

Dog Dryer: PD01-Y Adjustable Heat Open ViewMultiple Speeds

Until you dry your dog’s hair with any specific dryer it’s difficult to know how your dog will react the first time or any time after that.  The best choice is to buy a dog dryer with variable speed air flow so you can start slow and increase the flow as your dog becomes more comfortable.  It’s also nice to be able to drop the speed back if your dog regresses and begins to fear the dryer for some reason.

Quality and Dependability

The best dog hair dryers are constructed from durable, high-quality materials that will last for years.

Size and Weight

Unless you’re planning to buy a handheld dog hair dryer, the biggest problem with canister dog dryers and others is their weight and size.  Make sure you are considering the dimensions and weight of any blower you are considering so that you have a place to store it out of the way when it’s not in use.

Dog Dryer: PD01-Y Adjustable Heat Control ViewAccessory Attachments

The flow of air from a blower is greatly affected by the nozzle.  Having a variety of nozzles to choose from is important so that you can control the airflow.

A canister pet hair dryer has a hose that lets you direct the airflow to the nozzle and your dog’s coat.  The length and construction of the air hose are important.  A longer hose means you can place the canister farther away from your dog reducing noise.  A tough, durable hose will last longer saving you money.


Many dogs don’t like the noise of blowers.  You can reduce the noise by placing the canister as far away from your dog as possible, even placing it behind a noise reducing barrier.  No matter how quiet a pet dryer is, it will always be nosier than your dog will probably like, so be creative in how you approach afterbath grooming to make the hair drying part of the fun.







Many modern grooming hair dryers come with easy-maintenance filters that change quickly and easily without the need for tools.

This guide from FlipBoard has even more information.


We searched pet forums, manufacturer sites, consumer sites, social media, customer review sites, and retail sites to find the most popular and highly rated home grooming dog blow dryer.

Take a look at our choice and see if this is the best pet hair dryer for your needs!


Dog Dryer: Top Rated Home Grooming Pet Hair Dryer

Free Paws PD01-Y 3.2HP 2-Speed Adjustable Heat Pet Grooming Hair Dryer

Dog Dryer: PD01-Y Adjustable Heat Main ViewThe powerful Free Paws PD01-Y 3.2HP 2-Speed Adjustable Heat Pet Grooming Hair Dryer features variable speed control, temperature control, lower noise operation, and a powerful airflow that will quickly and gently remove water from your dog’s hair.  Its adjustable air velocity produces airspeed between 25 and 50 m/s and its temperature control allows you to select either 96 or 158 degrees F.  It’s quieter than most dog dryers producing a more comfortable maximum noise level of 78 dB.  Convenience features include flexible adjustable air hose and four unique nozzle attachments.


Dog Dryer: Features

  • Powerful 3.2HP, variable power 400W to 2400W, 2-speed variable air velocity 25m/s and 50m/s, two adjustable temperature settings 96 and 158 degrees F, lower noise (78db) dog dryer
  • Constructed from durable ABS plastic it won’t amplify the noise of the dryer
  • Output power is variable between 400 and 2400W
  • Airflow speed is stepless-adjustable between 25 and 50 m/s
  • Temperature is adjustable to either 96 or 158 degrees F
  • Maximum noise generated is less than 78 dB thanks to three noise-eliminating covers and a special noise-assimilation sponge
  • Flexible hose length is adjustable from 31.5 to 94.5 inches so you can place the canister farther away from the dog or have better reach depending on your outlet location
  • Power cord is 2.5-feet long
  • Nozzle attachments include a 2-3 finger nozzle which is designed for smaller dogs or as a starter for dogs that are afraid of the dryer, 7-finger nozzle which is used to blast shedding hair out of coats and helps reduce whip knots, Slot nozzles that blast water up and off the coat, and a Cylindrical nozzle which keeps airflow warm after Winter bathing
  • Heat insulation design


Dog Dryer: PD01-Y Adjustable Heat Kit ViewIncluded Accessories

  • 1 – Flexible hose
  • 4 – Different nozzles
  • 1 – Special noise-assimilation sponge


Customer Reviews

See Free Paws PD01-Y 3.2HP 2-Speed Adjustable Heat Pet Grooming Hair Dryer Customer Reviews >>>



  • Powerful variable air flow
  • Sturdy construction and quality materials
  • Plenty of nozzles to choose from
  • Easy maintenance








  • Too powerful for around face
  • Bulky to manage and store
  • No tool storage











Dog Dryer




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A blow dryer designed for human hair is too hot to use on pets like you dog.  Instead you should get a pet dryer designed specifically to properly dry your pet’s hair.  We sincerely hope that this article has provided you with valuable information that helps you choose the best dog dryer for your needs!

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