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Pet Hair Vacuum: Featured Image

Pet Hair Vacuum: Top 7 Best Rated Pet Hair Upright Vacuum Cleaners 2017

A pet hair vacuum is designed for those crazy pets who warm our hearts and trash our homes.  Pets are the loves of our lives, but it’s often a love-hate relationship.  On the one hand, they can melt your heart with
Hardwood Floor Vacuum: Featured Image

Hardwood Floor Vacuum: Newest Cordless Canister Vacuum Saves Hardwood Floors

You have hardwood floors and you need a hardwood floor vacuum that will pick up the dirt without spreading it around and without damaging the floor.  Your choice is to buy a stick vacuum cleaner, a combination vacuum cleaner with the
BISSELL Featured Image

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner: Powerful New Cordless Upright Vacuum

Until recently, if you wanted a powerful vacuum cleaner, you needed to buy either an upright or canister corded model.  All that has changed with the release of some very powerful cordless vacuum cleaners.  A powerful cordless vacuum cleaner offers you
BISSELL Bolt Ion XRT Featured Image

Cordless Vacuums: New Powerful BISSELL Lightweight Cordless Vacuum

If you’re looking for one of the new cordless vacuums, there are a few key specifications that are important to consider.  Cordless vacuums are fully dependent on battery power for their suction and cleaning time. Those are two very important characteristics
SEBO D4 Featured Image

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners:  7 Top Rated Commercial Canister Dry Vacuums

Industrial vacuum cleaners face a range of cleaning tasks each day that ordinary vacuums may never see in their lifetime.  With that in mind, industrial vacuum cleaners or commercialvacuums are built to be more durable with heavy-duty components and high-grade materials.
BISSELL 9595A Featured Image

Best Vacuum Under 100 Dollars: Top Rated Budget Vacuum Cleaner

You’re looking for the best vacuum under 100 dollars, but you don’t want something cheap that won’t do the job.  You’re in luck.  Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t find a great vacuum under 100 dollars.  In
BISSELL Bolt Ion Plus Featured Image

Cordless Vacuum: Best New Cordless Vacuum

One of the hottest new categories of vacuum cleaners is the cordless vacuum or cordless stick vacuum. It wasn’t too long ago that stick vacuums were not really feasible because batteries were large, not very powerful, and had short battery lives. They
BISSELL 9595 CleanView OnePass Featured Image

BISSELL 9595 CleanView with OnePass Upright Vacuum Cleaner

BISSELL 9595 CleanView with OnePass Upright Vacuum Cleaner BISSELL 9595 CleanView with OnePass Upright Vacuum Cleaner When it comes to cleaning power and suction, it’s hard to beat the BISSELL 9595 CleanView with OnePass.  It’s lightweight, compact, and has longer-lasting suction
Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Featured Image

Vacuum Cleaners: Top 5 Best Selling Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners have been around for more than 100 years and have transitioned through a number of new technologies that have improved their ease-of-use and cleaning capability.  With all those changes over the years, you still have two basic types; upright