A carpet rake is used to agitate your carpet fibers for a variety of purposes.  A carpet rake can restore your carpet’s nap back to that new look, remove vacuum cleaner lines so that your carpet looks like brand new.

Carpet Rake: Grandi Groom 18-Inch Intro ViewWhen used in conjunction with a carpet cleaner, a carpet rake can reduce drying time.  When used with cleaning solution it can enhance its effectiveness.  A rug rake can also raise deep down dirt and pet hair up where a vacuum cleaner can extract it making vacuuming more effective, and much more.


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When you use a carpet rake to move your carpet fibers around, it’s called carpet grooming and it can prolong your carpet’s life by removing the deep-down dirt that can ruin carpet fibers.



Pet hair is one of the toughest cleaning tasks because it gets tangled in carpet fibers making it nearly impossible to remove even with the most powerful vacuums.  A carpet rake can loosen tough pet hair so that your pet vacuum cleaner can extract it.

Something to keep in mind is that any carpet rake is going to take work to use it.

Which carpet rake is best for your carpet?

In general, a carpet rake has tougher bristles that are longer and ideal for carpets with longer nap.  If you have low pile carpet a carpet rake would be wasted.  If you have deep pile carpet, shag carpet rake or shag rug rake is just the right tool to agitate and elevate dirt and pet hair for removal by your carpet cleaner or vacuum cleaner.


We searched carpet cleaning forums, retail sites, manufacturer sites, consumer sites, social media, and customer review sites to find the most popular and highly rated carpet rakes.


Take a look at our list and see if one of these popular carpet rakes is the best carpet rake for your needs!


Grandi Groom 18-Inch Rake for Carpets

Carpet Rake: Grandi Groom 18-Inch Main ViewGroom Industries has been providing the highest quality cleaning products and supplies for 30 years and their Grandi Groom 18-Inch Rake for Carpets is an excellent example.  It features a wide 18-inch cleaning path that covers large areas in less time and a specially designed head that can simultaneously loosen and lift deeply embedded soil and pet hair for efficient extraction and cleaning.  If you’re tired of your vacuum head getting bound with pet hair or you’re dissatisfied with the deep-down cleaning ability of your vacuum cleaner, this high-quality carpet rake is the answer.  A Grandi Groom carpet rake is not just for removing dirt and hair more efficiently.  It can also be used to lift carpet pile after vacuuming to remove vacuum track marks and make your carpet look like new.


Carpet Rake: Features

  • Extra-wide 18-inch carpet rake covers large areas more efficiently
  • Simultaneously loosen and lift deeply embedded dirt and hair for more efficient extraction and cleaning by vacuum cleaners and carpet cleaners
  • Use a push-pull method to lift the carpet pile and restructure the original design of the carpet and restore its resilient effect






Customer Reviews

See Grandi Groom 18-Inch Rake for Carpets Customer Reviews >>>



  • Effectively raises dirt and pet hair from deep pile carpet
  • Untangles badly matted shag carpet
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Sturdy, strong construction



  • Some complaints of rough, bare wood on the handle










Carpet Rake



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A carpet rake is the inexpensive, fast, and effective way to simultaneously loosen and lift deeply embedded dirt and pet hair making your vacuum cleaner or carpet cleaner more effective.  We sincerely hope that this article has provided you with valuable information that helps you choose the best carpet rake for your needs!

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