You already know vacuuming removes dirt and prolongs the life of your floors and carpet.  We’ve all vacuumed and we know what we’re doing, so what possible tips could there be that would help vacuum better?  The truth of the matter is that even if you buy one of the best model cleaners available, if you don’t use best vacuuming practices, you leave behind a whole lot of dirt destined to damage your carpet and floors.  Don’t be a victim!  Use our Top 9 Best Vacuum Tips and take charge of your household cleaning!

Top 9 Best Vacuum Tips 

1.  Best Vacuum Tips: Run A Tight Ship

Welcome MatOne of the best vacuum tips we can give you is to keep your house clean by not introducing dirt to your home in the first place.  Seems logical, but are you doing a good job of keeping dirt out of your house?  We recommend that you:

  • Place doormats at all of your doors
  • Place runners at all entrances
  • Enact a no shoes in the house policy.
  • Buy a portable handheld and keep it handy for quick clean-ups

No shoes in the house?  It’s not as hard as it sounds.  Practice leaving your shoes at the door and your family and friends will follow.


Another one of the best vacuum tips is about your pets.  Pets can be the biggest offenders so during wet and muddy days, wash off their feet with wipes before they track it all through the house.  Even the best vacuum cleaners won’t get stains out so make sure you have a stain emergency plan to spot treat pet and other stains so that they don’t permanently disfigure your carpeting or floors.

2.  Use Your Attachments

Manufacturers bundle cleaning attachments with their vacuums for a reason.  They work!  Some of the most neglected areasDyson Attachments View of the home include stairs, near baseboards, under cabinets, under furniture, and in corners and crevasses.  With that in mind, cleaners usually come with attachments to help you tackle the stairs, clean in corners and near baseboards, and reach hard to reach places around your home.  The key is to actually use them!   

3.  Be Consistent

Cleaning Calendar ViewWith our busy schedules, there is a tendency to put off cleaning until it’s too difficult to ignore.  Making time for cleaning chores is not our idea of a day off.  The problem is that it is too important to ignore.  We recommend that you schedule time for vacuuming and cleaning like any other important or fun task in your life and get on with it.  It’s good for your health and the health of family, friends, and pets and it will prolong the life of carpets and floors.  Here is a simple schedule you can follow that will make a big difference.

  • Use your cleaner once a week on the same day each week that fits your schedule (you may need to adjust this to more often for heavy dirt or pets)
  • Once a month on that day, do a more thorough cleaning paying attention to corners and baseboards
  • Once a quarter, rent a carpet cleaner to extract stains and deep-down dirt
  • Buy a portable handheld vacuum or stick vacuum to take care of accidents between vacuuming sessions

The Clean House cleaning calendar example is courtesy of Christina McLouchlin of

4.  Once Is Never Enough

We’re all guilty of this!  We depend on our cleaners to clean in one pass when in fact we’re leaving a lot of dirt behind.  Vacuuming isn’t the most fun task and we try and pawn it off on the kids if we can.  That means we clean in a hurry or in the case of the kids, most likely miss some spots.

There are some great units available that do a great job of cleaning in general and are also excellent on pet hair, but none are designed for perfect cleaning in one pass.  The best way to clean is to make a few straight passes and then clean cross-ways in the same area and continue this pattern for the whole room.  It’s not only important to make multiple passes over the same area, but also to makes passes from different directions to capture more dirt.

5.  Maintenance Is Next To Godliness

Cleaner Brushroll Belt

Most cleaners are hardy machines.  With proper maintenance they will last for years and are actually simple to repair if they fail.  First, treat it with respect.  Don’t let it fall down stairs, or run it into furniture, or let the kids play on it or ride it.  These machines are mostly made from tough plastic, but don’t do well with impacts, extra weight, or rough use. 

The most common failure on cleaners is the belt that drives the brushroll.  If hair and other debris are allowed to restrict the motion of the brushroll, the belt will stretch, overheat, and eventually break from the strain.  Keep the brushroll free from debris and prolong belt life.

To prolong motor life, be certain to clean or replace air filters as appropriate for your machine.

6.  Top Down Cleaning

No, we’re not talking about cleaning your convertible!  This is something your Mom or Dad probably taught you or were able toFeather Duster figure out on your own with some common sense.  Clean your rooms from the top down.  If you vacuum before you dust, all of the dust that falls from your furniture ends up on your clean floor.  On the other hand, if you dust first, any dirt that falls will be picked up during vacuuming.

7.  Bull In A China Shop

Carpet HazardsThe kids, your pets, and even your “big kids” leave a host of items on the floor that you need to move prior to vacuuming.  Other than the big items, it’s the items that you don’t see that are most likely to damage your cleaner.  Those include but are not limited to, coins, hair clips, pins, needles, marbles, pebbles, candy, and buttons.  Believe it or not these pesky items are the number one cause of failure jamming brushrolls and even damaging motors.  Don’t let it happen to you!  Just like preparing to mow the lawn, you need to walk around and find those hidden dangers prior to vacuuming.

8.  Get Steamed

Just like we mentioned previously, vacuuming doesn’t pickup stains or deep down oily dirt.  For that you need a carpet washer or Carpet Washers steam cleaner.  You can rent them or there are plenty of great machines you can buy just for the purpose.  They pay for themselves in just several uses and are far less hassle than rental machines.

9. Half Empty or Half Full?

Full BagA lot of folks are switching from bagged vacuuming to bagless pushed by Dyson and followed by Hoover and other brands.  Regardless if you use bagged or bagless, it is important to pay attention to how full your bag or dirt cup is.  Machines just work better if they are emptied when they are one-half to two-thirds full.  Waiting until they are mostly full decreases suction power, puts more strain on the motor than is needed, and risks dumping dirt back into the air you breathe. 


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