The latest design in canister vacuums is the bagless canister vacuum.  Like its upright cousins, the bagless canister vacuum, uses a dust cup to capture dirt instead of using replaceable bags.  The advantage is obvious.  Once you buy a bagless canister vacuum, you don’t have to pay for replacing all those vacuum bags over the life of the vacuum.

These days there are plenty of models of bagless canister vacuums available, but you really need to look carefully to find one with the features and functionality you need at a price you want to pay.  This article is designed to help you choose the best canister vacuum cleaner for your needs.

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Probably the best known manufacturer for bagless Bagless Canister Vacuum Dirt Devil SD40050 Dash Full Length Viewmodels is Dyson.  They have had a couple of models of bagless canister vacuums that claim to be “No Loss of Suction.”  Each Dyson canister vacuum receives high ratings, but for most of us the price is also high.

Hoover has several bagless canisters and they also receive good reviews, but they can be pricey as well.

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Is there a bagless canister vacuum that has the features and functionality you need for a reasonable price?  Even a price under $100?

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That’s what we set out to find and although we found some, we were not impressed with their features or reviews.  It seems that you have to pay a premium price for the bagless feature of canister vacuums.

What features were we looking for in a bagless canister model?

Bagless Canister Vacuum Dirt Devil SD40050 Dash Canister V iewMulti-floor Cleaning Capability

Possibly one of the reasons you’re considering a canister vacuum in the first place is because you have different flooring around your house.  While upright vacuums are good on carpets, most don’t handle other surfaces like hardwood, tile, or vinyl as well.  Most upright vacuum cleaners come with brushroll heads which are the best for carpet, but if there is no provision to turn the brushroll off they can just be frustrating on hard floor surfaces.  Canister vacuums generally have interchangeable heads especially for multi-floor surfaces.

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Canisters are better at stairs in general than uprights because they are designed with the wands and interchangeable heads in mind.  They are usually lightweight with longer-reach tools that make them perfect for the unique cleaning problems associated with stairs.  Uprights have tools and wands, but the vacuum is bulky and hard to move and usually the tools are an afterthought or at least not the primary function of the vacuum.  Using them can be complicated and challenging.

Bagless v Bagged

This article is about bagless canister vacuums, but there are many bagged models as well.  The prevailing thought is that bagged models are better because you save money not having to replace bags, they are cleaner since you don’t have to throw away dirty bags, and they are easier to use since they have an easy-to-empty dust cup.  The reality is that there are advantages and disadvantages to both designs.  Dust cups turn out to not be as easy or clean to empty as vacuum manufacturers want you to believe, washable filters still need to be replaced, bagged may have more capacity that bagless, and some argue that bagged models do a better job of keeping the air clean while vacuuming.

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WarrantyBagless Canister Vacuum Dirt Devil SD40050 Dash Front-View

Look for the longest warranty you can find to protect your investment.  If an extended warranty is offered, be sure and weigh the price and features against your peace of mind.  I have to admit, I am very suspect about extended warranties and believe that most of them are just a waste of money.  In the case of appliances, I usually spring for the warranty, because if the device doesn’t fail in the first 90 days under warranty, it probably will last at least a year or more before problems start to surface.  That’s when the extended warranty can be a money-saver.

Dust Cup Capacity

Larger dust cups mean longer periods of vacuuming without having to stop and empty the dust cup.  It’s not the most important feature, but if the vacuum you’re considering has an unusually small dust cup, it might be a reason to move on to another model.

Power Cord Features

Three things to look for related to power cords.  You want it to be long, easily storable onboard the vacuum, and retractable.  If it’s not retractable, make sure it’s very easy to store right on the vacuum and doesn’t present a challenge each time you want to clean.  Shorter cords will just make your work harder meaning you will have to unplug and replug often and your choice of outlets will be more limited.  To some degree, a longer cord go with a retractable mechanism.  That means that you will probably have to compromise if you want it to be retractable.  Get the longest retractable cord you can find.

Tools and Accessories

You may not use a lot of tools with your vacuum cleaner, but it’s nice to have them when you need them.  Buying them with the vacuum is usually less expensive than adding them as an option later.  The main tools to look for are a crevice tool, dusting brush, wide brushroll head, and wide non-brushroll head for hard floor surfaces, and a narrower head for stairs and upholstery.

Bagless Canister Vacuum Dirt Devil SD40050 Dash Right ViewHEPA Filters and Regular Filters

Let’s face it, many of us have allergy problems either with the environment or pets.  HEPA filters remove allergens from the air and surfaces while they clean and don’t put them back into the environment.  One may come with the vacuum or it may be available as an option.  Some filters are washable and reusable and some aren’t.  Washable filters save money, but they may not provide the same level of filtering as replaceable filters.  Because bagless canister vacuums don’t have filtering bags, you have to depend on the canister’s filter to keep the air clean.

There’s a new bagless canister vacuum in town, that has a lot of features for a value price and we wanted to make sure you were aware of it.


Take a look at this Dirt Devil canister vacuum cleaner of the bagless variety and see if it is the best vacuum cleaner for your needs!  Is it the best bagless vacuum cleaner for the money?

Bagless Canister Vacuum:  Best New Dirt Devil Bagless Canister

Dirt Devil SD40050 Dash Bagless Canister Vacuum

Bagless Canister Vacuum Dirt Devil SD40050 Dash Full Length Main ViewLooking at the features of the Dirt Devil SD40050 Dash Bagless Canister vacuum, you would never believe it is a small canister vacuum that can be had for less than $100.  It packs powerful cleaning, cyclonic filtration, a compact size, a long 20-foot retractable power cord, a HEPA filter, and a long 2-year warranty into a vacuum that is easy to use and a great value.  Here’s what you need to know about this Dirt Devil vacuum.


  • Full-size 10 Amp power in a compact bagless canister vacuum cleaner
  • Clean multiple floor surfaces with just one touch of the brush on/off pedal
  • Cyclonic filtration means powerful suction throughout your vacuuming tasks
  • Innovative Vac+Dust Floor Tool with Swipes traps and lifts dirt and dust from hard floor surfaces
  • Quick-Rinse, washable and reusable filter made with HEPA media
  • Easy maneuverability thanks to its compact and lightweight design
  • Specialized attachments help you tackle tricky hard floor surfaces and crevices
  • Its bottom-empty dirt cup makes emptying the dirt cup quick and easy
  • Long 20-foot retractable power cord keeps you vacuuming longer without replugging and then stows with one-touch
  • Handy 3-in-1 combo tool lets you clean any surface in your home effectively
  • Long 2-Year Dirt Devil limited warranty


  • Compact and powerful
  • Great for stairs
  • Works best on hard floor surfaces
  • Vac+Dust Floor Tool with Swipe is a very useful feature


  • Not as good for carpeting
  • Doesn’t do well on pet hair
  • Some don’t like the long, cumbersome hose
  • Attachment tool does not connect securely

Bagless Canister Vacuum Dirt Devil SD40050 Dash Review

Dirt Devil SD40050 Care and Use Manual >>>


Bagless Canister Vacuum Comparison Chart

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